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the_retreat's Journal

The Retreat - A BDSM RPG
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This journal has been set up for the RPG the_retreat. Nothing is meant to be implied about the celebrities portrayed here. It's all fake, we made it up for our own amusement. Please note that no profit is being made from this.

the_retreat is an adult/bdsm Role Playing Game.

The Retreat:

The Retreat is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that was created for those who enjoy spending time in a judgement free environment where only the rules of The Retreat itself reign. It is an adult playground, having any sort of adult entertainment one can think of. It was specifically set up within a private, members only, network called The Marketplace where consensual slave training and selling is not only allowed, but accepted. There is a training facility on the island as well as a Marketplace auction. However, what draws most people are the beaches, boutiques, cafes, bars, clubs, hotels, and casino.

Basically it's a meeting place for the rich and famous that provides entertainment such as the world has never seen before. It is a very private environment, allowing no media or paparazzi and all the clients/staff are carefully screened before ever setting foot on the island itself. What goes on at The Retreat, stays at The Retreat.

Are you ready for all your dreams to come true?


You are welcome to friend this community, but only players may join and post here. This is an adults only community. You must be 18 or over to participate. You may also watch individual pup journals.

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for a general overview of what we do.


NOTE: Please be aware there is a lot of information included in the links below. It is not suggested that you read them all in one sitting or that you read them all before you join. Our Steps to Joining covers what you need to read and know when you first join. Quite a bit of the rest of it is just research and information you'll need after you're going and ready to post.

How To Join

Code of Conduct

The Retreat Rules

The Retreat Maps/Establishments:

     Main Island Overview

          Level 1 Map and Establishments
          Level 2 Map and Establishments
          Level 3 Map and Establishments
          Level 4 Map and Establishments
          Level 5 Map and Establishments

retreat_lounge Fan/Player Meta Discussion - for readers and players to interact and discuss storylines, fan girl, or even to discuss current issues in the scene, etc.

retreat_meta Player Meta/OOC Discussion - for players only to interact and discuss OOC issues and to introduce their pups, etc.

Current Character List

The Retreat job vacancies list

Have any questions not answered here? Check out retreat_admin or email: retreat.admin@gmail.com.