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The Retreat - A BDSM RPG
Noon; Chesapeake Cafe; Nick Lea, Lindsey Lohan; PG 
29th-Sep-2006 03:37 pm
Nick slipped into Chesapeake Cafe, smiling with easy pleasure at the other
patrons. Spotting Lindsey Lohan, he swerved over to her and winked.

"Hey, ladybird. How are you?"

Grinning, she tilted her face up to his and kissed his cheek, as he kissed
hers. "I'm fine. You're late. I already ordered your coffee," she retorted,
laughing at the look he gave her as he sat down. "No, it's not any of those
silly fru fru coffees! I promise!"

Nick grinned, nodding.

"I appreciate that!" he winked at her. "Sorry, about being late. Rehearsal
ran into overtime."

"Oh, don't I know how that goes!" she retorted, rolling her eyes.
"Directors always think we have nothing better to do than hang on their
every word!" Just then their drinks arrived and she sat back, lifting her hot
cappuccino and taking a quick sip to test the temperature.

Nick laughed, nodding mischievously.

"Yeah, yeah. Actually, we were working on choreography and they couldn't get
the lighting right, for some reason," he explained, shrugging casually. "So,
what mischief have you been getting into?"

"Mischief, me?" she asked, batting her eyelashes at him innocently. "I don't
get into mischief! I am completely innocent, I tell you!"

Nick snickered.

"No offense, ladybird, but your innocent act needs work!" Nick teased

"Ha! Like you're one to talk!" she retorted, sipping at her cappuccino.
"I'm trying to make new friends. Is that mischief?"

Nick raised his eyebrows at her.

"Hmmm, not at first glance. Who are you making friends with?"

"Hilary Duff," she retorted, a slight smirk lighting her face. "Or, at least
I'm trying. If she'd let me."

Nick's eyes widened and surprise turned quickly to genuine suspicion.

"Play nice, ladybird. Why this sudden interest in Miss Duff? I was under the
impression that you didn't care for her very much."

"What?" she asked innocently. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

At his look, she rolled her eyes and sipped at her drink. "I don't...or I
didn't think I did..it's just..." Lindsay heaved a sigh. "I don't know what
it is."

Nick studied her intently for a moment, then nodded, trying to hide his own

"Well, they do say changing her mind is a lady's perogative. Happy hunting!"
he encouraged, lifting his coffee in salute.

"You're horrible!" Lindsay exclaimed. "It's not like I'm trying to get her
into my bed!" Though, she had to admit to herself, even if in the dark
recesses of her mind, she had thought about it!

"All right," Nick soothed, his calming tone belied by his amused smirk.
"I believe you!"

"No, you don't, you horrid, horrid person!" she retorted, pouting as she
tried not to laugh. "But, enough of that! What have you been up to here?
Meet any good looking guys yet?"

"This island is full of good-looking guys," Nick pointed out, evasively,
smirking. "I have to have met some of them."

Lindsay lifted a brow at that, amusement lighting her face. "Would you care
for me to get more explicit and graphic than that?"

Nick shrugged, smirking, "If you'd like. Let's just say, there's no one
special. I have made a couple of new friends, but nothing serious."

"Well, that's absolutely no fun! What sort of gossip is that?" She grinned
at that, sipping at her drink before tossing her napkin over at him. Nick
was one of the few people she could count on as a friend. He'd actually
been there for her before and after all the trouble she'd been through of

Nick shook his head. "Gossip is bad for you, Lindsey. Trust me, if anyone
comes along worth mentioning, I'll let you know."

Smirking, she sipped at her coffee once more. "Good. That's all I could
ask for!"

Nick shook his head, laughing. To his eyes, Lindsey seemed relaxed and
cheerful...a nice change from her recent spell of problems. He wondered if
Hilary Duff had anything to do with that and hoped Lindsey would be careful,
not only of the other girl, but with her own heart.
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