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The Retreat - A BDSM RPG
16 September; Hot Spot; Dom Monaghan, Billy Boyd; NC-17 
17th-Sep-2006 12:17 am
[crossposted to ret_bboyd and ret_dmonaghan]

The music was thumping, the bodies writhing and moving to the beat. Dom carried his bottle of water with him through the crowd, gracefully and expertly weaving around the bodies that were weaving around each other.

As people recognized him and as he recognized people, he'd grin, or lift his chin in acknowledgement, or point and wink, or even blow a kiss. It all depended on who it was who was greeting him. He finally made it to the edge of the stage and glanced up at the dancer there, admiring the lines of the half-naked body as it moved to the beat of the song.
He took a long swallow of his drink and contemplated picking the guy up for the night after his set and taking him into a back room. The man had been making eyes at him all night. Little did Dom know, however, that someone else had other plans for him that evening.

Billy wasn't really a club person, in principle. Normally, he'd rather be sitting in a cosy bar somewhere, sipping at a Scotch, or maybe watching a concert if he really liked the band. There were plenty of pretty boys in clubs, sure, but Billy had been able to get pretty boys to their knees without setting foot in such an establishment before, and he was pretty sure he could do it again.

Tonight, however, was different. Billy was on a well-deserved, indefinitely long holiday, and he had chosen the location for such a holiday because he knew this island was a bit "anything goes." He wanted to live a little, and tonight he was doing just that. Billy was on the pull. For the first hour, Billy just kept his back to the wall and watched. He was an observant man, and content to sip at his whisky and watch the men in the club interact before picking one to pull. The dancers were pretty, but he wasn't really in the mood.

One man, however, did catch his eye--not obviously gay or submissive, not a dancer, but incredibly attractive in a way that largely stemmed from the man's obvious confidence. He seemed popular, and Billy frowned when he saw the man watching a dancer, much as the Billy was watching him. Now or never, Boyd. "Is that all you're drinking, or can I buy you something stronger?" Billy asked, sliding up with enough space behind the man so that they weren't touching and he wasn't just being a jackass, but close enough so that his lips were just behind the stranger's ear as he spoke.

A slight shiver ran down Dom's spine at the soft intrusion of the other man's voice. He smirked slightly as he turned around to face the other man. The face looked vaguely familiar, so chances were he'd seen him before. Whether he'd seen him there at The Retreat or in the movies or what, he couldn't say.

Lifting his bottle, Dom met the other man's gaze and took a long swallow, tilting his head back as he did. "Water's fine, thanks." His gaze traveled down and over the other man even as his tongue slid out to wet his lips slightly. They were still mere inches from one another and when his blue gaze met green eyes. The accent was intriguing enough to have him continue, "Scotland?"

Billy had to admit he was a bit impressed when the bloke didn't take a step back or otherwise give signs of discomfort. "Aye. Glasgow," he replied. "And you? A bit far from home as well, I take it."

"Manchester," Dom replied in agreement, nodding as he took another drink of water. "And does everyone in Glasgow make it a habit to try to pick up strange men in a nightclub?" He grinned cheekily at the other man who was actually of a height with him, which was nice for one. He got tired of having to look up at everyone!

Billy quirked his lips up in a slow, measured smile, leaning back against the wall to give himself space to take a sip of his whisky. "No, not everyone. Does everyone in Manchester make it a habit to lust after dancers who've clearly not been fed a good meal in the past week?" he countered, nodding up at the thin and scantily-clad man who was just finishing his dance.

Dom grinned at that. "He does when he knows it'll get him laid that night," Dom retorted smartly, eyes dancing in amusement when he brought his gaze back to Billy. What was this guy going after? Well, he figured he _knew_ what he was after, but the question was, would he put out or not. Dom wasn't sure about that one yet.

Billy shrugged noncommittally. "Yeah, well, if you like that sort of thing." He took another drink, draining his glass and setting it on a high table next to him before pushing off the wall to invade Dom's personal space again, their eyes just inches apart. "That's not the only way you could get laid tonight, though, if that's what you're looking for." Billy didn't normally come on quite this strong right away, more to give himself a chance to make up his mind about a pull than for the comfort of his target, but there was something he liked in this guy. He didn't seem likely to back down easily.

"As much as I'd love to take you up on your offer, I can't. Least, not right now," Dom retorted, playing with the other man now. He wanted to, oh yes, he did. But he wasn't going to seem too easy and he had things he had to do before he could partake of that pleasure anyway.

"I can wait," Billy replied simply, stepping a little closer so that his lips came very close to Dom's ear. "I've been told I can be a bit... much... to handle, though," he warned, his hand reaching for Dom's hip and squeezing hard in emphasis before pulling away. "If you think you can, I just might be around," he finished, arching an eyebrow and stepping away.

So 'not right now,' then. Billy was a patient man, and he didn't mind waiting for something he wanted. And this was something he wanted indeed. Not looking back for a reaction, he strode to the bar and ordered a double shot of whisky.

Dom stared after him for a moment before a slight smirk lit his face.

He'd somehow managed to get the dude. Normally he would have taken offense at the man's attitude, but there was something about this one that just caught his attention and drew him in. Well, he'd see if he was still hanging around after his set, then perhaps they could come to some sort of amenable agreement.

It was a bit of a struggle for Billy not to look to see if the guy he had been talking to was still around, but he remained facing the bar for several minutes, sipping his whisky contentedly. A boy approached him, flirting for a minute, and Billy almost considered it, but he was already on the hunt, and like an animal marking his prey he didn't want to give up till he had the attractive Mancunian. Politely, but distantly, he dismissed the kid and turned back to where Dom had stood. He was no longer there, and Billy was vaguely disappointed, but he noticed that a band was setting up on stage. 'Well, at least there's something to watch while you wait to see if he returns,' Billy reasoned to himself, leaning back against the bar and waiting for the set to begin.

And then, a slight blonde man walked out onto the stage, towards the front and centre mic, and Billy nearly choked on his whisky.

Picking up his guitar on his way to his mark, Dominic grinned out at the audience as he settled the strap over his shoulder and got the guitar in place. When he was in place, he sat down on the stool behind him and positioned the microphone in front of his face. "Good evening, everyone!" he greeted, his gaze sweeping out over everyone, unconsciously looking for the mysterious Billy who had approached him before the set. There he was, still sitting at the bar, looking as if he'd swallowed a fly, staring up at him agape. A slight smirk lit his face before the lights dimmed and focused on them there onstage, effectively blinding him for however long he'd be on stage. Billy cursed to himself when Dom caught his gaze and smirked.

Bastard. Not right now, indeed. He had to admit, the bloke was a good singer; his voice, if a little rough, was passionate, and the crowd seemed to be into it. Billy contented himself with watching, patiently nursing his glass of whisky. By the time Dom finished his set, he was up to his fourth, and feeling pleasantly buzzed but still lucid. Not wanting Dom to notice that he'd been in the same spot all night, not bothering to speak with anyone including several men who'd offered him a refill, he quickly moved to one of the walls and leaned against it, waiting for Dom to emerge without trying to seem like was waiting.

After the set, Dom slipped back into the main part of the club with the rest of his band. His gaze immediately started sweeping over the club. Dominic tried to convince himself it was to find the dancer he'd been ogling earlier, however it was quite another whom he really was looking for, though he refused to admit it even to himself as he moved with a practiced grace through the crowd to the bar and ordered a whisky.

Billy watched Dom order and smiled, having seen Dom looking around and hoping it was for him and not that twig of a dancer. Deciding he had waited long enough to qualify as "nonchalant," he stepped up behind Dom at the bar as he took a sip and looked over his shoulder as if examining the contents of his drink. "Good choice," he commented, smiling slightly. "I don't think I introduced myself. Billy Boyd," he said as he wrapped his right arm around Dom's waist to shake his free hand. "And I'm assuming you're Mr. Dominic Monaghan, from the flyers that is," he added with a smirk.

"Last time I checked anyway. I believe I still was when I looked in the mirror this morning," he retorted, grinning cheekily as he turned his head and realized how incredibly close Mr. Billy Boyd was. What surprised him was he didn't mind. Usually he was the one who came on to his prospective partners for the night. Shaking the other man's hand, he continued, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Billy Boyd."

Billy smiled and nodded to the bartender, mouthing "water" as he was pretty sure he didn't want to cross the line into drunkenness around this guy. He wouldn't be responsible for his actions if he did. "Likewise," he replied to Dom, brushing the back of Dom's hand with his thumb as he pulled his own away. "You played a good set," he complimented as the bartender passed him a bottle of water.

Watching as Billy picked up the bottle of water, he smirked, chuckling softly. "Thank you. It's one of my favorite shows." Sipping at his own whisky, he motioned to the water with his glass. "Water now, hmm? Taking a page from my book? Are you singing later or something?"

Billy laughed and shook his head. "No, lad, I only sing in the privacy of my own bedroom, I'm afraid. I've put myself on a four drink limit tonight; not in the mood to get obnoxiously drunk. There are better highs than drink, after all," he said with his voice a little lower, more suggestive. "Care to join me at a table? You must be tired after your performance."

Hopefully I'll be able to tire you out even more later, Billy added mentally.

Dom let his gaze sweep down over Billy before sliding up to meet his gaze once more as he pretended to consider it. It wouldn't do to look _too_ easy, now would it? His lips quirked up in a slight smile and he needed. "Exhausted. But not so exhausted that I couldn't do with a bit of exercise later. There's a small table right over there that they usually reserve for us after a performance." Dominic motioned to a table off to the side and slowly wound his way through the crowd to get there.

Billy smiled and followed Dom towards the table indicated, staying close behind the other man to avoid getting separated. When they reached it, Billy slid in next to Dom, using the excuse of the loud music that had started back up to lean in close enough to talk. "So, Dominic from Manchester, how long have you been playing?" he asked, trying for the sake of decency to engage in small talk before moving on to the "exercise" portion of the evening.

"You mean playing here at The Retreat? Or just in general?" he quipped, eyes dancing. Oh, he could tell what this Billy wanted. The question was, would he get it. Dom hadn't decided yet whether or not he'd be that easy. Though, he did want to get laid, so he supposed it would be a good idea.

Billy smiled slowly, seeing the playfulness in the other man's eyes and responding to it. "Oh, playing in general... playing at the Retreat... just playing." His lips still held their smile, but his eyes reflected something a little darker as he casually sipped his water.

"Well, I've had a band since I was a teen. So, over ten years now. We've had our ups and downs, but we wound up here at The Retreat about a year ago or so. As for playing, I've been playing for many years now. Some might even say I've become an expert by now." He downed the last of his drink and leaned back in the booth, turned so he faced Billy at that.

"I see. Well I haven't been here long myself, but I guess you could say I'm finding my way around," Billy replied with a smirk. "So, Dominic," he continued, his tone casual as he leaned back as well, "what do you say I show you what I am an expert at," he suggested, raising an eyebrow in challenge. "There's a back room with your name on it if you're interested, lad."

"I'm not all that much younger than you," Dom retorted cheekily. "Otherwise I'd be calling you gramps. However, a back room might be nice. It certainly is quieter here and allows for...getting to know one another better." Oh, why the hell not? He certainly was attracted to the other man!

"Call me that and I'll be putting you over my knee, lad," Billy retorted, taking a last sip of his water and standing. "Unless of course, you'd like that," he added with a smirk, as they reached the bar to obtain a room key.

Dom smiled at the bartender who quickly handed over a key and gave Dom a knowing look. Cheekily, he retorted to Billy as they made their way to a back room, "Don't you wish you knew!"

Billy just smiled and waited for Dom to let them into the room. Oh, I'll find out, lad... just have to do this right. "So how would you like it then, Dominic?" Billy asked as they entered the room and he locked the door behind them, his tone sultry. "You like it gentle?" he questioned, reaching up with one hand to tenderly brush a strand of hair back from Dom's face, his thumb just caressing Dom's ear. "Or do you prefer a little harder?" With that, he yanked back with the same hand on the hair close to Dom's nape and bent his head, sucking at a point on the exposed neck and nipping lightly, as he didn't want to mark without permission.

A soft gasp escaped Dom as his head was jerked back. Whimpering softly, he almost involuntarily stepped forward into the other man. Dom tilted his head slightly and nuzzled in against Billy before nipping at his earlobe and pulling it with his teeth. "I think I'd take it any way you'd want to give it to me," he retorted.

"Very well then," Billy agreed, turning his head as soon as Dom had relinquished his ear and engaging him in an almost bruising kiss, steering Dom by the shoulders into the nearest wall and pressing the full length of his body against the younger man. Billy had engaged in casual sex before with men who refused to kiss, but he hated it. He was glad that Dom at least, despite his cheekiness, didn't seem uncomfortable with sharing space. Made things much more interesting.

Dom returned the kiss, all teeth and lips and tongue. His hand came up to tangle in Billy's hair and he rocked his hips forward to press them against the other man's. It was rough, but it was perfect. Not often did Dom let himself go, but he had a feeling that this Billy Boyd could possibly get him to. He let his other hand trail up and down the other man's back, moaning softly into the kiss.

Billy smiled to himself at Dom's moan. Perfect. Deciding that it couldn't hurt to insinuate a bit, vanilla though it may be, he reached out quick enough for Dom not to notice what was going on and grabbed Dom's hand away from his hair, taking the other one as well and pinning both wrists to the wall above his head with one hand. Pulling away from the kiss reluctantly, his teeth pulling at Dom's lower lip, he moved to the man's ear instead and bit the lobe much as Dom had done to him, and then moved to suck on a point just behind Dom's ear as he pressed his other hand flat and hard against Dom's crotch.

Dom's hands flexed where they were being held on the wall and he couldn't help the soft gasp that turned into a moan as he felt Billy's teeth on him. He rocked his hips hard against Billy, showing him how ready he was for him, how painfully ready he was even after such a short time. It had been a long time since someone who was fucking _him_ got that sort of response. Tilting his head slightly, he licked lightly at Billy's neck before biting down himself, pulling the skin with his teeth.

Billy was pleasantly surprised by Dom's response, anticipating more of a struggle but happy--and quite intrigued--with what he got. He hissed lightly when Dom bit at him, holding back the urge to throw him to the bed and tie him tightly so that Billy could have his way with him. Nevertheless, Billy's cock filled in anticipation when he considered the matching bite marks they'd have, and he engaged Dom in another kiss, not hiding his passion and desire, before abandoning Dom's wrists and taking him instead by the shoulders, steering him to the bed and shoving him a little harder than necessary onto the bed.

"If I had more time, I'd make you wait," Billy muttered darkly, climbing onto the bed himself and straddling Dom's hips before the lad could sit up, tugging Dom's shirt impatiently away from his frame. "I'd tie your arms to the headboard with your own shirt," he growled directly in Dom's ear as he bent over, running one hand up Dom's side until he felt the other man shiver, "and I'd suck you until you were begging me to come," he finished, twisting a nipple hard. "But that's not what you're here for, is it lad? You just want to be fucked," Billy concluded with a smirk, grinding his hips down. He knew better than to go further than a standard fuck on the first "date," without knowing the other man's preferences, but it didn't hurt to make him think.

"Yeah," Dom answered. "Fuck me...fuck me so hard I can't walk straight tomorrow." He pulled back slightly, moaning as Billy's hips ground against his even harder. He looked at Billy, eyes glazed over and darkened with passion, suddenly wanting to just feel the other man inside of him. "You think you can handle that?" What was he doing? It was insane! This was not normal for him, but damned if his body wasn't yearning for what Billy was offering.

Quick as a flash, Billy had one hand on Dom's chin, and the other on his cock, both gripping rather hard. It wasn't quite the grip he'd use on an experienced boy, but it was enough to get the point across. "Oh, I can handle it, lad," he replied in a low, warning tone before letting go, Dom's head thumping back to the pillow as Billy worked both their belts open one by one and tugged Dom's pants down and off. "You beg so prettily, but you've still got that cheek in you. Wonder what it would take to get you to really let go?" Billy mused, almost to himself, but knowing Dom was hearing his words and the implication behind them. "Put it on me," he half-requested, half-ordered as he tossed Dom a condom from a basket on the nightstand and slicked his own fingers with lube.

Sitting up, Dom took the package and tore it open with an expertise of frequent use. His gaze flitted up to Billy's and he couldn't help but wonder why it was he was so willing to do as this man told him to. Usually he took control of his sexual encounters. Taking a deep breath, he lowered his gaze and quickly rolled the condom onto the other man. There would be time enough for contemplation later. Right then all his body wanted was to feel Billy deep inside of his ass.

Billy noticed Dom's slight hesitation, but didn't comment on it. As long as Dom still wanted to be fucked, they were good. And he certainly seemed to. Deciding not to push anymore verbally just yet, Billy silently pushed two fingers into Dom's body side by side, twisting them in the tight hole and then flicking the pads of his fingers hard against Dom's prostate so the other man wouldn't think him too cruel. Really, Billy just wanted to be inside Dom now, wanted to be inside him yesterday, but he would be patient. Patience was never something Billy had much of a problem with, even if Dom's responses were making him much more urgent than usual tonight.

"Fuck," Dom breathed, pressing down against Billy's fingers, all but begging with the whimpers that escaped him. It hurt just slightly, but shit the pleasure of it swept through him and carried him away. How could one man reduce him to this? And he hadn't even fucked him yet! His smoldering gaze met Billy's as he panted softly in response to the pleasure sweeping over him.

Dom's whimpers sparked something primal in Billy's gut, and his pleading gaze told Billy that Dom would make an absolutely beautiful boy if he ever went under. But Billy had no idea yet whether he did, and he certainly wasn't going to ask now. Later, he promised himself, ignoring the fact that when he went on the pull tonight he hadn't expected that there was going to be a later.

Focusing on Dom's eyes and on his body's movements, Billy slipped a third finger in and twisted his fingers in and out in a corkscrew motion, knowing that he was spending longer on prep than he really needed to but loving the need that he could sense in the way Dom's held himself, in his eyes, and in his whimpers. A little more gently than usual, he pushed Dom's legs back where he wanted them and lined up, just pressing the head of his cock against Dom's entrance and waiting, meeting the other man's gaze.

He lost himself in the sensations, letting his head fall back on the bed. His fingers tangled in the bed when he felt the third finger enter him and then twist inside his arse. Dom's panting turned into a moan as he felt his cock twitch in response to the sensations rushing through him.

"Fuck me," Dom said softly, opening his eyes and locking gazes with Billy.

"Brilliant," Billy whispered against Dom's lips in place of the "good boy" that he was fighting to hold back. Bracing his elbows on the pillow on either side of Dom's head, Dom's legs up at Billy's waist, he pushed forward in one long stroke, groaning from the tightness and comfortable heat. Dom was well-prepped, but still felt amazing going in, and as his forehead pressed briefly to Dom's, their gazes still locked, Billy felt a twinge of deep pleasure that had a limited amount to do with the pressure on his cock. Not wanting to ponder that too much, he engaged Dom in a kiss, rocking his hips with his cock lodged deep within Dom's body, nibbling at his lips and then probing more determinedly with his tongue.

Dom moaned, a sound that was lost in the joining of their mouths as he opened up to Billy, giving himself to him without even realizing he was surrendering. It was just sex, nothing more, but damn it was phenomenal.

He felt Billy's cock rubbing against places inside of him that had him almost begging for release as his hands kneaded along the actor's back, his nails digging in slightly as he meat the other man's hips by rocking his own in time with Billy's.

Billy felt the way Dom's hands and mouth tried to tug him in, opening up to him, bringing him closer. It was perfect, and a word sparked across Billy's brain not for the first time that night--potential. By now though, we was too much into the act to think very hard, and claimed Dom's mouth viciously with his own, one hand coming up and fisting in Dom's hair to hold him still to Billy's onslaught, the other bracing him on the bed as he lengthened his strokes, sure to rub over Dom's prostate as often as possible.

Dom met Billy's mouth kiss for kiss, lifting his hips up against the other man's. The first time he felt the cock rub over that sensitive spot, Dominic cried out, his fingers digging in against Billy's back. His head fell back then, his gaze finding the other man's as they moved together. There seemed to be an intimacy there when their gazes locked that he didn't feel with many others. The pleasure swept over him, carrying him away on the tide of sensation.

Dom's gaze made a shiver pass through Billy, the intensity of the sensations mounting. Next time (and he vaguely wondered why he was taking for granted that there would be a next time) he would tease, make Dom wait and beg for what he wanted, but tonight was all about how fucking good he felt. Billy had indulged in the occasional quick fuck, sure, but usually he had someone on their knees, not like this, not so intimate, and he realised that it had been he who had put Dom here. Groaning, he felt the point of no return approaching, and he let his hand brush Dom's hip, just shy of his cock, wanting to push just a little. "Ask me for it," he commanded in a rough whisper, his accent thick and his eyes dark.

Dom's eyes widened as he looked up at Billy. Closing his eyes, Dom laid his head back for a moment, moaning as the pleasure swept through him. Fuck! Did he want him to beg? All he'd wanted was to come, a quick shag. He wasn't into all that other shite! Be that as it may, though, Dom found himself opening his eyes and looking up at Billy again. "Please...I want to come...I need to..."

Billy smiled, not expecting much, but very pleased at the lusty sound of that moan and the reluctant but sincere words. "Very nice," he whispered, immediately wrapping his hand around Dom's cock and stroking it quickly if a bit awkwardly due to the angle. "Come on lad," he whispered when he felt Dom's body tense in preparation, his own having a hard time withstanding the delicious heat. "Come with me," he growled, and threw his head back as he came, moaning loudly and still stroking Dom's cock jerkily with his hand.

As soon as Dom felt Billy's cock throbbing inside of him, he cried out, the sensations of being pierced and stroked so hard sending him very quickly over the edge. He arched up in against the other man pressing him down with his leg even as he pushed his hips up and tilted them so that he could fell Billy even deeper inside of him. Shuddering, he came hard, long, hot spasms rushing through him as he spilled himself between them.

When it was clear that Dom had finished, Billy was surprised to find that he was in no hurry to get up and clean off just yet. He felt brilliant, completely sated, and overwhelmed by a strange affinity to the man underneath him. Granted, Billy could be quite romantic in relationships, especially considering his sadist sexual tendencies, but he didn't tend to have such a desire to cuddle with someone he had just met. Seeking a middle ground, he reached for a tissue from the box on the table and wiped his own hand and then gently cleaned Dom off, tossing it in the bin before lying down next to Dom for a minute while they caught their breath.

What was it about this Scot that had gotten under his skin so quickly? Dom tried to figure that one out as he turned onto his side facing Billy and propped himself up on his hand. His gaze slid down over the other man and he reached out to slowly caress the soft skin of his chest and then lower. Perhaps next time...who said there will be a next time? a crooked smile lit his face as he pulled his hand back. "Well, I'm certainly glad I decided to visit the back room with you."

Billy smiled, enjoying Dom's touch more than he was quite ready to admit. "Me too, lad." He was afraid to offer more than that, so he moved to stand, gathering his clothing to give his hands something to do. And when have you ever been afraid to touch a bloke before, Boyd? Get it together! "If I give you my mobile number, will you use it? I'd like to see you again, but be honest." His eyes were serious as he turned back to the beautiful young man on the bed. Billy didn't want to reveal quite what he was feeling, here, but the lad had so much raw potential. God, how he wanted to see how far this Dominic could bend.

"Do I get more mind-blowing sex if I do?" Dom quipped, pushing himself to his feet and gathering his own clothes. Focus on the physical, because there was nothing more. Dom would make sure of it. Anything else equaled complications he didn't need. He slipped his pants on and quickly arranged himself so he could zip them up. Only then did he turn his gaze on the other man.

Billy sensed a bit of distance in Dom's movements, and frowned, but then realised he was guarding himself in a similar way. It's only fair. Billy decided that if Dom wanted physical, he'd give him physical. Before putting his shirt on, he stepped forward boldly, insinuating himself into Dom's personal space. "Count on it," he agreed, voice a little husky. "But to receive one also has to give," he added. "And I detect more than a little give in you, Dominic." He was careful to make his words clearly sexual, not too needy, but he was holding his breath waiting for the response. And now the lad's got complete justification to toss you out on your arse, nimwit.

Swallowing, Dom meet Billy's gaze, his breath catching as he suddenly realized he couldn't look away from that gaze. "I can give and receive as long as I get the same in return," he retorted, realizing how incredibly insane all of this was. It was a quick shag in a back room and may culminate in more quick shags, but nothing else. Dom refused to think beyond that. He knew how flighty these Hollywood types could be.

Billy smirked, relieved that he wasn't being laid out on his arse and kicked hard in the bollocks for his brashness. His instincts, thank God, seemed to be right when it came to Dom. "Fair enough," he responded, his whisper a little rough. The table was in reach, and pen and stationary were there. He grabbed the pad and scribbled his number on it, tore off the sheet, and tucked it in Dom's back pocket. "I'll expect your call, lad," he said, and then tilted his head to place a light nip on Dom's jaw before turning and grabbing his shirt, a smile on his face that he didn't want Dom to see just yet.
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