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The Retreat - A BDSM RPG
15 Sep 06; Chesapeake Cafe/The Omni; Miranda Otto, Viggo Mortensen; NC-17 
15th-Sep-2006 03:26 pm
[crossposted to ret_motto and ret_vmortensen]

Miranda looked at herself in the mirror one last time. Her lips were shining with the soft, pale pink lip gloss she had been ordered to wear. She'd dusted her face with her makeup and opened up her eyes with a bit of mascara. That was the only makeup she'd been allowed to wear. It made her look fresh, young; and more than slightly beautiful.

Her red hair swung around her face and over her shoulders down her back. Miranda smiled at that as her hand came up to touch the gold chain hanging around her neck. A single pearl pendant hung from it. The same pendant she'd been gifted with at the end of filming Lord of the Rings.

He had given it to her, so that she would remember the times they had spent together and think of him fondly. Miranda had seen him a few times since then, but nothing more than a few soft words had been exchanged. Now she was free to do as she would, and she was certain this was what she wanted.

She left her hotel, head held high, walking in long, confident strides in her white heeled sandals. Her pale sundress fitted her form and swung down to just above her knees. However, she wore nothing more than that. Again, it was how he had wanted it. Glancing at the time as she exited the lobby, Miranda turned left and hurried down the sidewalk, pausing only when she stepped inside of the cafe and saw his face. A soft smile lit her face, lighting her eyes as their gazes met through the slightly crowded coffeehouse.

He smiled faintly, running his gaze up and down her body in a slow, caressing look. He was pleased; she was perfect, dressed exactly as he'd ordered her to be when he'd called her to set up this meeting. Lifting a hand, he beckoned her over and silently gestured her to sit across from him in the booth. When the waitress came by to take their order, he ordered for them both, then turned back finally and addressed his companion.

"You look stunning," Viggo told her in all honesty.

Miranda blushed at that, her own eyes caressing over Viggo. It had been too long since she last saw him. She pushed it to the back of her mind. They were there now, that's what mattered. That look alone that he gave her; it was enough to have places low in her body clenching tightly.

"Thank you," she answered softly. "You don't look so bad yourself, you know."

That same faint smile crossed his face again. "I do my best." No thank you, nothing. Just a soft acknowledgement of her words, and the truth in them.

Miranda smiled as she took her napkin and opened it before smoothing it over her lap. "How have you been?" He'd said they couldn't talk for a full two weeks before they arrived there at The Retreat. Viggo had wanted to give her time to consider what he was offering, and what he wanted from her; to teach her. If it hadn't been for her, then she wouldn't arrive; if it was, then she'd be there, on time, exactly as he had ordered. The actress had made her decision long ago, and had waited impatiently for this day to come.

"I've been good. Kept busy. What about you?" He let his gaze linger on his face, once again very glad she had decided to come. He hadn't been sure she would, and when he'd seen her walk in to the coffee shop, his heart had lifted, his pulse quickening. There were things he wanted to do with her, to her.

"Busy as well. I have a project coming up that I hope will come through. You know how they can be in pre-production and all of that," she commented softly. "I've missed you. It's been too long, Viggo. Way too long."

"I know it has," Viggo answered mildly, watching as the waitress set down their order and then slipped away once more. "Let's see if it's been so long you don't remember what exactly you've agreed to here, hm?" His tone was light, but his eyes were dark and showed only the slightest trace of amusement.

"Get up and hike that pretty dress of yours up so there's nothing between your skin and the booth," he said in that soft tone of his. It was a command, no mistaking it, but so mildly spoken it sent shivers down her spine. "Then touch yourself. Delve your fingers deep within your hot warmth."

Viggo watched her with an intense look, waiting patiently to see if she would pass this little test. The first of many he planned to spring on her as their time together progressed.

Freezing for a moment, Miranda stared at her plate of food for a moment and then glanced around them. She felt her face redden even as she lifted her hips and pulled the skirt up so that her ass and cunt rubbed against the fabric beneath her. The skirt was full enough that it still covered her thighs and if anyone looked over, they couldn't truly tell what she was doing, but she felt exposed, as if everyone in the place was looking at her and knew what was happening.

Miranda took a deep breath and slid the hand nearest the wall under her skirt before surreptitiously teasing her fingers along her slit. Her breath hitched slightly in her throat as her fingers brushed over her clit and then she slid a finger into herself, her other fingers still brushing along her clit. Glancing around, she noted no one was looking at her, but that didn't matter, the thrill of the moment filled her, the sheer humiliation of touching herself in public and it had her so wet.

Viggo smiled at her, a silent approval even as he continued to watch her. He shifted his position a little to ease the beginnings of the discomfort that came with jeans that had suddenly grown tighter in the groin area. He took a fork full of food and chewed thoughtfully as he watched her.

"Does it excite you?" he queried softly when he had swallowed. "Does it make you so wet that your fingers slip and slide as you finger yourself?"

"Yes," she whispered before nibbling at her lower lip. Oh, yes, it felt wonderful. And completely, sinfully, erotic. Miranda's face flushed as she felt her finger slip over her clit and her fingers move in and out past the muscle around her entrance. All she could think of was how she wished he would take her out of here and just find one of their rooms and have him fuck her.

"Good," was all he said for some moments. He took a few more bites of food, simply watching her with an intense interest, shifting again as the pressure between his legs intensified. "Don't stop," he commanded softly. "I'm going to continue eating. Once I'm finished, then we'll see how inclined I am to you finishing...meal or getting yourself off."

Miranda bit at her lower lip to keep herself from moaning as her fingers moved in and out of herself and over her clit. She was shaking slightly with the pleasure as it moved out slowly in soft waves over her. Her face darkened when she realized she was probably making quite the mess on the seat below her.

His gaze never left her as he ate, slowly and deliberately. She was beautiful; flushed and hot and, he was sure, soaking wet between those thighs of hers. The thought pleased and aroused Viggo, and he made a decision.

"Come on," he said, abruptly slipping from the booth, surprising the flustered Miranda, and abandoning his half eaten meal and her as yet untouched one.

"Uhm...okay," Miranda answered softly, quickly removing her hand from her warmth and wiping it on the napkin beside her plate. Pushing herself up and out of the booth, she smiled slightly uncertainly up at him and followed after he had dropped enough money onto the table to cover their meal and a sizeable tip. It took her a moment to catch up with him. "Where are we going?"

Viggo glanced back at her, but didn't stop walking. "To my hotel. This is the sort of thing you're going to have to get used to. You cater to my whims now, within the limits you set." He paused for a moment, then added, "If you're sure of this, that is."

The actress looked up at her friend for a moment. This was what she had come here for. What he'd said he'd introduce her to. Miranda was sure about this. She'd spent years thinking about this! "Yes, I'm sure. I'm ready for you to show me, Viggo."

"Good." They walked in silence the rest of the way -- a few blocks only -- and continued in that way until they were safely ensconced in Viggo's room, the door firmly shut and locked. He leaned against it, watching Miranda as she stood a few feet within the living room of the suite. He surveyed her for a few moments longer before he spoke.

"Undress, and get on your knees, Miranda. Over there." He pointed to where he wanted her, a spot just beyond the low coffee table and in front of the window.

Miranda stepped over to the chair beside the couch and quickly pulled off her dress and stepped out of her shoes. That was all there was to it. It was all he had allowed her to wear. A slight shiver of anticipation slid over her as she knelt down, sitting back on her heals, her hands clasped in her lap. She was a bit self-conscious as he'd never seen her before.

Viggo simply appraised her for several moments, eyes moving over every inch of her naked flesh. From the smooth expanse of her back to her ass, then as he shifted, from her face to her breasts, the nipples tightening in the cool air, to the shaved mound between her thighs. He took a few long, measured strides and came to stand before her, reaching down to grasp a nipple, rubbing and tugging at it roughly. Then his hand trailed up to toy with the necklace she wore, and that faint smile was back again.

"Put your hands on your thighs, and spread them." To emphasis his point, Viggo nudged one booted foot between her bent legs. "Spread them until your cunt rubs against my boot."

"Like this?" Miranda asked softly as she laid her palms on her thighs and slowly moved, lowering herself, so that the toe of his boot settled in between her wet folds. A soft gasp escaped her and she closed her eyes as the leather brushed across her clit.

"Just like that." He glanced casually at his watch. "Move. You've got four minutes to come." The foot between her thighs moved, rubbing once against her clit to encourage her.

Miranda's head snapped up, her eyes wide as she looked up Viggo. When his boot moved, she moaned softly, whimpering. "Four minutes?" she gasped.

"You're down to three and a half, now," he answered, voice and expression stern and uncompromising.

She began rocking her hips, shifting until she felt his boot was pressing in against her clit and hood. Closing her eyes, Miranda slowly moved, pressing down as the boot slipped easily through her wetness. It was almost overwhelming in so many ways. The fact that she was doing this because Viggo had ordered it only heightened the sensations as pleasure rippled from her clit outward through her body.

Viggo watched her, studying every change in expression, every little movement. She was beautiful, lips parted as her breath came in pants. He urged her on when she hit the two minute mark, shifting his boot against her slickened folds, wondering if she might just make it within the given time frame.

Letting her head fall back, Miranda bit at her lower lip to keep herself from moaning louder. Even then a soft moan escaped her as her clit pressed over the tip of Viggo's boot. It was a friction that grew with each pass, her hips moving now in a steady rhythm. There was a tight feel of a promise of much pleasure building in that one small area even as a soft gasp was her next sound and her fingers formed fists on her thighs.

"One minute," Viggo murmured, smiling and only too aware of the aching erection that throbbed between his legs. He'd get his own, regardless of Miranda. One hand buried itself in her hair, jerking her head back roughly so that their eyes met.

"Oh," she breathed, suddenly lost in that blue gaze. Miranda pressed down and rocked harder, moving faster. Her breathing sped up as the pleasure began to roll through her, unfurling inside of her. When he said thirty seconds, she thought she'd explode, but still wasn't quite there as her body began to clench tightly.

Miranda could feel his gaze boring into hers and she whimpered softly. She was right on the edge..so close...then he called out ten seconds. Crying out, she pressed down hard onto his boot. That's when it blossomed inside of her, slamming into her and pushing her up and over the edge. Miranda came hard, moaning as her entire body clenched hard onto his boot as she shuddered hard with the sensations.

The fist in her hair jerked, his boot rubbing roughly against her sensitive flesh until she had ridden out her orgasm. "Very nice. Now get down there and clean it off." Viggo pushed down on the back of her head forcefully.

She caught herself with her hands on the floor, not even fully aware of herself yet, her breathing heavy as she looked at his boot for a second, wondering how she was going to do that when she had nothing, when it dawned on her exactly what he expected. Automatically, her tongue darted out and she began lapping up her own juices, sucking lightly on the leather and swallowing. The hand in her hair felt wonderful, despite the pain. This was what she wanted, what she'd been craving for so many years.

Viggo waited until she had finished to his satisfaction, then pulled her head up. "This is a taste of it, Miranda. A very small taste. Is this what you want?" He knew it was, could see it in her face and eyes. But he was careful, oh so careful, about these things.

"Yes," she breathed, shivering in response to all she'd just done and anticipation of what he could, if he chose, to do to her from there. "Please, Viggo...I want this...I want you to show me all of this."

"Crawl into the bedroom and remain at the foot of the bed on the floor until I tell you otherwise. I will be there shortly."

Turning, she slowly crawled over the carpet to the room indicated. From her vantage point on the floor, she glanced around the perfectly appointed room, everything tidy and neat. Miranda crawled to the foot of the bed wondered what she should do then. Should she kneel back as he had told her? She wasn't sure, so she sat up, continuing to kneel as she sat there and silently waited for him.

Viggo wandered in after several mintes, still fully dressed. He smiled as he paused in the doorway to gaze at her, nodding in satisfaction before he moved forward. He stripped as he went, careful and slow. Each piece of clothing was put neatly aside until the older man stood before her.

He crossed to stand a few steps away from where she knelt, hand coming up to fist in her hair again. He guided her head forward until she was a breath away from his erect and swollen cock. "Suck it," he commanded.

Leaning in, she steadied herself with her hand on his thigh and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. Miranda ran her tongue over the tip, lapping up the slight dribble of liquid pooling there. Then she ran her tongue slowly down the large vein on the bottom of his cock as she lowered her mouth onto his cock. Sucking hard, her cheeks hollowed slightly as she pulled.

Viggo sighed in pleasure, his hand tightening in her hair. "That's it. Good girl. Suck it hard." He thrust forward gently into her mouth, a little at a time.

She moved slowly on his cock, sucking and teasing. This was something she knew how to do and she did it well. Well, at least Miranda thought so. Miranda slid her tongue around the tip of Viggo's cock once more before pulling lightly with her mouth on the tip. Then she was moving up and down on it once more, feeling him begin to move slightly faster and farther into her mouth with each pass. Opening herself as well as she could, she moaned softly when the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, knowing the vibrations would be felt through the tip of his cock.

"Fuck," he groaned, giving himself over wholly to the pleasure she was inspiring. She was good, he had to admit, each pass of her mouth bringing him closer to release.

At that moment in time, all Miranda wanted was to bring him pleasure; to serve him in such a way as to bring him to release and taste him on the back of her throat. That made her suck harder, her mouth moving faster up and down his cock as her cheeks hollowed out with the force of her sucking. Her tongue continued to tease, laving the tip of his cock with a single-minded intensity.

"Take all of it," Viggo snapped harshly as he thrust forward into her talented mouth, grunting as he came. His hand in her hair jerked, his cock in her mouth pulsing as he poured his hot seed down her throat.

Miranda opened herself and swallowed, just a bit of his come dribbling down her chin as she took as much as she could of the hot, spurting liquid. Angling her eyes up to Viggo, there was a question in her look as she watched his face through his orgasm. She wanted him to enjoy it, wanted to pleasure him, please him!

He smiled at her. "You did good," he told her softly, breath still coming somewhat heavily. "I'm quite pleased with your performance here today, Miranda." And that was all he would give her, all he thought she needed.

It was enough. A feeling of warmth spread through her at his praise. She'd done it. Miranda had managed to handle what he'd done to her. In her mind, even, the first test of her desires to serve. All she'd wanted was to please him, and she'd managed to do that. An almost shy smile lit her face as she looked up at him from where she still knelt at his feet. "Thank you, Viggo," she answered quietly.

"You're welcome. You're staying here," he added after a moment's consideration. "I'm going to go take a shower; you may take one once I have finished."

"Where do you want me to wait?" she asked softly, happy he said she could stay the night. Miranda bit at her lower lip, glancing around the bedroom and up onto the bed.

Viggo gestured to the foot of the bed. "On the floor, right there." He turned from her without another word, slipping into the bathroom and shutting the door. He paused for a moment to look in the mirror, that faint smile back on his lips. She had potential, so much potential. This was going to be worth the time he would invest, he was sure of it.

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