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The Retreat - A BDSM RPG
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Nick slipped into Chesapeake Cafe, smiling with easy pleasure at the other
patrons. Spotting Lindsey Lohan, he swerved over to her and winked.

Hey, ladybird. How are you?Collapse )
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The music was thumping, the bodies writhing and moving to the beat. Dom carried his bottle of water with him through the crowd, gracefully and expertly weaving around the bodies that were weaving around each other.

As people recognized him and as he recognized people, he'd grin, or lift his chin in acknowledgement, or point and wink, or even blow a kiss. It all depended on who it was who was greeting him. He finally made it to the edge of the stage and glanced up at the dancer there, admiring the lines of the half-naked body as it moved to the beat of the song.
He took a long swallow of his drink and contemplated picking the guy up for the night after his set and taking him into a back room. The man had been making eyes at him all night. Little did Dom know, however, that someone else had other plans for him that evening...Collapse )
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Miranda looked at herself in the mirror one last time. Her lips were shining with the soft, pale pink lip gloss she had been ordered to wear. She'd dusted her face with her makeup and opened up her eyes with a bit of mascara. That was the only makeup she'd been allowed to wear. It made her look fresh, young; and more than slightly beautiful.

Her red hair swung around her face and over her shoulders down her back. Miranda smiled at that as her hand came up to touch the gold chain hanging around her neck. A single pearl pendant hung from it. The same pendant she'd been gifted with at the end of filming Lord of the Rings.

He had given it to her...Collapse )

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Craig had situated himself on a patch of grass with a book. One he wasn't quite reading; it was more an excuse to watch the passers by for fun prospects. The Retreat, he had decided, suited him quite well. He'd even looked up an old mate.

It was while involved in watching someone else...Collapse )

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Nick loitered outside the larger theater of the Mare Bello Hotel. Auditions
were being held for the new play going into production, The Pirates of
Penzance. Nick was always nervous before an audition. He was reasonably
certain that he would be given the role of either Frederic or the Pirate
King, but his professionalism demanded that he give the best audition
possible. So, he waited his turn outside, pacing in order to burn off some
nervous energy and loosen his body up a bit. A step in the hallway drew his
attention. To his surprise, he saw Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Lynch's Dune
and Twin Peaks. Nick had never met the man before and was puzzled by his

Kyle spotted an impish looking man in the hallway.Collapse )
Emmy Wistful
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It was a quiet morning at the small cafe. Emmy sat in a plush seat, her feet curled up beneath her. There was a large cup of cappuccino on the low coffee table in front of her along with a bagel sandwich only half eaten. Balanced on the arm of the chair was a notepad where she was writing periodically as thoughts struck her. She was unaware of any attention she was garnering from anyone else in the small cafe known as Chesapeake Cafe. If she had been, she was liable to have packed up her things and hurried out of there.

Craig had swung into the place with that energy of his that made you positively sick; while elegant and arrogant, he was possessed of a certain amount of charisma and presence that was almost irritating to some. Not that he gave a flying fuck, really. He'd spotted Emmy when making for a table, coffee in hand, and had paused, leaning against his chosen table for several moments.

Gorgeous littl thing, she definitely was...Collapse )

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Hot Spot was hopping when Jude finally showed up. He was meeting a few friends for a night out and his last appointment had run later than expected. The host for Mare Bello hated it when that happened, but what was he supposed to do. The man he'd been with had been a client and hadn't been done with him. It wasn't as if he could just stop the scene and say, "excuse me, but I have a date with some booze and music, can we hurry this along?"

So he walked into the club two hours later.Collapse )

25th-Jul-2006 05:11 pm - ANNOUNCEMENT!
Admin Icon
May I have your attention please? It has now come to our attention that the information up on the admin comm is now fairly complete. While there may be a few more things that go up in the coming days for a bit more 'reasearch', all the basic Retreat information is there!

That being said...

*clears throat*

I'd like to announce the opening of The Retreat at midnight, CST, on July 31st!

It's a Monday, folks, so come on out and see what the hoopla is all about! For those of you who are members, we will begin meta discussions and introductions starting tomorrow so that everyone can start getting to know one another and maybe even start a bit of plotting!
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